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We follow a holistic approach to care in helping you restore your bodily functions.

At BHHC, we have licensed and board-certified physical therapists who are experienced and skilled in helping clients improve, restore, or maintain their bodily functions through therapeutic activities. Our goal is to help them become or stay independent and self-reliant by guiding them towards recovery and rehabilitation.

Our OPTs provide hands-on physical therapy for all our clients to ensure that all their care needs are met with professionalism and competence. Through active coordination with the client, their family members, and primary physicians, we can hasten the return of our clients to their active lifestyles, allowing them to perform and accomplish different tasks alone or with as much or little help necessary.

We also closely work with our clients to identify the source of pain and reduce the pain felt by our clients. Our services will be delivered in a fun, friendly, and encouraging environment that promotes independence, confidence, and recovery.

If you have further inquiries, feel free to contact us at your convenience. You can also schedule your free consultation with our nurses today!