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Client Onboarding

Depending on your needs, we match you with a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Home Health Aide (HHA), physical therapist, homemaker, or live-in companion

  • Initial Consultation (Free)

    Our health care team can help you find the most suitable type of service for you.

  • Comprehensive Assessment

    The Nursing Supervisor will conduct an assessment to determine the client’s need for service. A “Plan of Care” is developed to meet the need of each client.

  • Medical Coordination

    The Nursing Supervisor will confer with the client’s physician, pharmacist, and all others involved in the client’s care.

  • Team Member Selection

    The coordinator selects staff to serve the client based on education, experience, cultural interest, and understanding of the medical needs of the client.

    The selected staff is given orientation of the client’s needs and expectations. The client has the option to interview the staff before the start of care.

  • Quality Care and Supervision

    The assigned staff reports the client’s care. On the first day of service, the coordinator will place a courtesy call to get feedback on the caregiver’s performance to ensure that the client’s expectations are met. In addition, the coordinator will conduct frequent telephone calls.

    The Nursing Supervisor will conduct an ongoing supervisory visit to evaluate the care and discuss the medical needs of the client.