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About COVID 19


This time of pandemic calls for strict safety and preventive measures to keep every one of us free from the Coronavirus disease. We are well aware that this virus has infected millions of people all over the world and caused uncountable deaths, leaving individuals, families, and communities sad, grieving, and scared but more vigilant and cautious about their health and safety. As a home health care provider, we abide by the rules, regulations, and protocols established and recommended by the government and health authorities.

At Beverly’s Home Health Care, Inc., we strictly implement and follow the following:

  • Frequent and proper handwashing or sanitizing every before and after meals, preparing food, touching a surface, caring someone who is sick, petting, and treating wounds.
  • Wearing appropriate PPE, including a medical face mask, gloves, face shield, and hazmat suits, if deemed necessary.
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Promoting a balanced diet and proper nutrition
  • Never touching the face, especially the eyes, mouth, and nose with an undisinfected hands
  • Disinfecting the office and our client’s homes regularly
  • Checking our clients and staff’s temperature, vital signs, and possible symptoms of COVID-19
  • Following self-quarantine protocols when feeling unwell or sick

Other than these, we also need to maintain a healthy mental state by engaging in in-home activities that stimulate the mind. Remember to keep in touch with your loved ones always via video chats, phone calls, or text messages. Staying connected in this trying time helps us combat loneliness and depression. Also, following the recent updates of COVID-19 keeps us informed of the development of this virus and what we can do to help frontliners be safe from this pandemic. Most importantly, follow only credible sources of information when it comes to crucial matters like your health, safety, and current local and international issues regarding COVID-19, such as:

Together, let us flatten the curve by following the health and safety protocol recommended by health authorities. Stay safe, and be well. We can win the fight against COVID-19 when we fight together and do our part.